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iPAS 2 System
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In 2011, a group of Internet Marketers were introduced to a system called iPAS (Internet Prospect Acceleration System). This step-by-step system made them a lot of money. The iPAS success formula worked for them even though many of them had no real online business experience. They followed the steps and the formula worked. It’s that simple.

iPAS 2 has been in the works over the last 3 years. Over 100,000 man hours has gone into research, refining the iPas System from what was learned during the first launch from the data they gathered during that 3 years.

Converting more leads into more customers is the key to any online business. The sales funnels used in the iPAS 2 System do most of the work for you. It’s been in Beta for awhile and during this testing phase, those that used the system proved it works and have already been making money.

Just watch the video. You’ll see why iPAS 2 is already popular even though it hasn’t been opened to the public yet.

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  1. Chris Jones
    6 hrs · Minneapolis, MN
    Getting the final links from empower today… Finally! Shooting final videos now for the system to bring it all together. I am like a kid in a candy store and I own the store. hahaha. Getting close ladies and gentlemen, getting close.

    later he said he got the link so we are extremely close to launching now so get your free account

  2. Chris Jones
    3 mins · Minneapolis, MN
    Friday progress update for our mastermind here:
    programming all the purchase links now and integrating all of the notifications and autoresponders into the system. We are putting the final touches on the system now before we do a final stress test and make sure all functions are reporting properly. Once all the final touches are added, the remainder walkthrough videos will be uploaded. We are just punching out the little stuff since we got our links this week from Empower Network. This next week is going to be a busy one. I know I keep saying this but we are closing in gang. Thank you all for your patience and positive attitudes. Anytime to do something that has never been done, it takes a lot of team collaboration and design. We are very proud of this product and can’t wait to turn it on when it is done.

    It is getting closer and closer so don’t wait to get your free IPAS2 account as it won’t be free much longer

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